In European football / Basketball leagues (on rare occasions in other events, too), all matches are set with tentative dates at the beginning of the season, and the final dates are finalized just a few weeks before the game.

This is entirely out of our control and determined by the organizers and the parties owning the broadcasting rights. Therefore, while placing your order, you should check if the match you are interested in is presented as "Not Final".

 If your event appears as "Not final", – look for the note indicating the possible time frame (for example: "Date and time are subject to change Event will not start before Friday at 20:00 and not after Monday at 22:00").

You'll be notified by email when the match of the event is finalized. 

If you are planning a trip to your clients, we strongly recommend you plan their stay at the event city during the entire duration of the possible time frame. This way, if the match date is finalized within short notice, they'll still be able to attend the event.