In KTP, you can make and send offers for different types of services!
Login to your account and select one of the service: hotel, transfer, plane, car rental, events or attractions.
Example of how to make an offer for hotels:
1. Enter the destination and period you are looking for and press the search button. 

Once the result is loaded, select a hotel and press the book button. 

For more convenience, right-click and open the hotel in a new window.

2. The hotel you selected will open in a new window in your browser. Enter the new window that opens and clicks the add to offer - new offer button.
You do not need to fill in customer names.
The platform will automatically generate and confirm that the hotel of your choice has been added to the offer.

3. Click the shopping cart and open the list of offers. Select the newly generated bid.

4. You can rename the offer and change the price and cancellation policy.

If you want to add another service or new hotel to the existing offer, repeat points one and two.
When you click add to offer, select the already created offer instead of a new offer.
Similarly, you can add other services (airline ticket, transfer, car rental, event, attractions).

After you have prepared and edited the offer, you can:
1. Send directly from the platform by clicking send to email
2. Save it to your computer by clicking the download pdf button (recommended)