In Kalina Travel Platform (KTP), you can pay:

1. With a credit card

  • with a company credit card.
  • with a credit card of your client - it is necessary to provide a consent signed by the client 

Please note that our Virtual Post Terminal ( VPT) is in Euro!

That means if you are using a credit card in a different currency, rate exchange will apply.

2. With Credit Limit  

you can see the added credit limit on the top right corner of your account

We have to sign an additional agreement for a credit limit depends on you.

You can guarantee your credit limit as follow: 

  • with a bank guarantee 
  • with a bank deposit

Important: This is the easiest way how we can work together.

3. With bank transfer

  • Send to Root button - see the article about "send to root".
  • Clients from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria can pay in their own currency with a bank transfer to our bank account in the same currency.
  • For each reservation, we can send you a payment link. You can pay directly from your bank account. 

Depending on the currency you choose, the invoice for this reservation is generated in the same money. If you have chosen the euro, the invoice is in euros. If you have selected dollars, the invoice is in dollars. If you do not see your currency, please contact us.

For more information, we recommend reading the article Agency profile.