Kalina Travel Support Portal (KTSP) is a centralised support platform, combine three different modules related to Kalina Travel Platform:

  • A Knowledge base - you can find there all the essential information about us.
  • A Community forum - create different panels and discussions.
  • A Help Desk - you can create tickets.

You have three different ways to generate a ticket:

1. While you are working inside your profile in KTP, use one of the following buttons:

  • Chat button - quick link for short questions - our operator will answer you in the chat.
  • Support button - generate a ticket - a task in KTSP, which we will receive and process immediately.

2. Access our page directly from the phone:


3. Simple send an email to support@kalinatravel.eu 

KTSP is a fast, easy and guaranteed way to contact us in case of emergency!

Please, always write the reservation number in the subject. 

If you register with KTSP, you will monitor the status of the tasks you have created.

We will be glad to support you.